Our Services:

By perfectly blending analytical abilities, in depth knowledge & practical experience, we deliver services that exceed client expectations.
Our team is capable to take up:


Detailed design and drawings of various surface as well as burried penstock having different diameter and head in India and other neighbouring countries. The work includes designing & drawings of specials i.e.
  Expansion Joints
  Ring Girders / Saddle Supports
  Bends, Compound Bends
  Thrust Collars
  Bifurcations FEM Analysis
  Bulkhead for HST Testing etc


  Topographical surveys (cadastral, geo-detic, hydrographic, reconnaissance) etc.
  Land use and land cover survey
  GIS utility survey
  Remote sensing technology
  Traffic survey and forecasting

Geotechnical Investigations

  Agronomic and agricultural soil survey
  Engineering properties
  In-situ sampling and investigations
  Laboratory investigations
  Design parameters

Engineering and Detailing of following type of structures

  RCC structures
  Steel structures
  Composite structures
  Pre-Engineered buildings
  Pre-Fabricated buildings
  Timber structures
  Engineering equipment
  Retrofitting and Rehabilitation service for existing structures.
  Seismic retrofitting of structures
  Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite (FRPC)
  wrapping Epoxy and Microcrete treatment
  Review Engineering for the designs carried out by others.
  Pre-bid/Tender Engineering
  Steel detailing and fabrication drawings preparation
  Drafting service both in 2D and 3D
  Quantity and Cost estimation for RCC, Steel, Masonrystructures, Hydro Mechanical Components and Electro Mechanical Components.
  We also work as Project Management support team and provide the following services:
  Preparing bid documents
  Evaluating bids
  Quality control and Safety plan
  Project Scheduling
  Seeking vendors and subcontractors
  Review of drawings and data management etc.